Friday, September 14, 2012

Second Sample

Heres my second sample:

Publisher 101

This is my first Print Design Sample:

Becoming Screen Literate

Reading this article itself merely shows how dependant we are on screens today.  I read the article "Becoming Screen Literate", on my computer; not in a magazine, not in a newspaper but on the internet.  Text messages, emails, news, even this blog all information behind a screen.  Screens are everywhere today and are the main means of communication and information outflow.  The first thing I do every morning is look at the screen on my phone and check my email and text messages.  Aside from communication screens are still part of my everyday life.  In school, assignments are given and submitted online today and I've even taken internet classes where my whole course is viewed on a screen.

The Wilderness Downtown

I'm not sure if it was my internet or the website but when I tried to use this website it was kind of slow. However, once the site was up and running I chose to enter the address of the very first house I ever lived in.  Even though I live in the same town I never really go by that house anymore so I never get to see it.  The website allowed me to take a look at the house and brought back some mememories from when I was little and that was neat.  It was similar to Google Earth and it just shows how advanced technologically we are today that you can see anywhere in the world so easily.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Letters to Juliet

Through the years I have collected a pretty good amount of letters, notes, cards etc. from friends, lovers and even family.  Those are memories that I can keep, cherish and recollect forever.  I can't say the same for recent days. I have some wall posts and text messages that say I love you or I miss you, but who's to say my phone won't break or Facebook won't be abolished in 10 years and I'll lose everything on it.  The song "We Used to Wait" by Arcade Fire emphasizes on our lack of intimacy and effort in communication today.  After reading the lyrics and other classmates interpretations I came to my own conclusion.  The song is comparing the lack of intimacy and meaning in today's communication to the same lack of intimacy and meaning in today's relationships.  Today just like communication, love comes easy.

Don't close your eyes, Time flies; Welcome to the Future

When you're little it's hard to imagine anything being cooler than what you already have or own.  For example, how could I ever think that my plain stuffed kitty in a few years would be a battery operated "Fur-real Friend" that could walk, meow and blink its eyes.  However, stuffed walking kitty cats are the least of technological advancements that have taken place in my life.  The two that stick out the most in my head would be video cameras and the internet.  I recall my parents video-taping me when I was little...often.  Most of the videos were recorded on little tapes that had to be inserted into a VHS to be watched.  Today, when my nephew or niece are doing something adorable and camera worthy we all simply pull out our Iphones and start recording.  The second technological change that has made a difference in my life and many others is the internet.  I can instant message from my phone, my computer with simple access today.  Unfortunately, when I was younger specifically 5th grade to recall it wasn't as simple.  I remember wanting to get onto AOL Instant Messenger and having to wait for the dreadful dial-up to finally connect me so I could get online and chat with my friends.  However, only for a short time because being online tied up the phone line and my mother always would pick up the phone and disconnect me, oh how times have changed.  Welcome to the Future.