Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Microsoft Power-to-the-Point

When you use bullets in a power point:
            -be simple
            -have structure--->how you build a compelling presentation
            -be simple

Why are you presenting, is it something you care about? "Golden Rule"

Structure: Problem--> Pathway--> Solution

TIP: Give 3-4 reasons to support your point, any more and people won't remember

Memorable Opening
1 argument
         1,2,3 details
2 argument
         1,2,3 details
3 argument
         1,2,3 details
Memorable Closing

Common mistakes made when using powerpoint:
            -using the slide as a prompter---> people read faster than you can speak
            -giving handouts of the slides with your presentations--> for show not to read

Simple Design Rules:
        1) One point per slide
        2) Few matching colors
        3) Very few fonts
        4) Photos, not clipart

Less text. More imagery. Wild Imagery. ---> shows you how other people have effectively used powerpoints

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